Toodle Do

I am always looking for easier ways to remember things. I always make lists for the items that I need to buy or things that need to get done by a certain date etc.. But, the main problem for me was I always forget to take the list I made along with me. I even need to share things with my husband. I tried the Google calender. It is very good but I cannot guarantee an internet connection everyplace I go.

When I got the iPhone, I started looking for applications that would help me do this. I tried a few before I found Toodle Do. It’s free and a really nice app. It lets you create an account online. You will download the app into your iphone and sync with your online account. You can either create lists on the iphone or online. Sometimes during work, I suddenly remember the things I need to get from the store, I immediately write it in my Toodle Do online. The next time I open my app on the iphone, it automatically sync’s it. I love this app.

My husband and I share one account for Toodle Do online. This way, I can add things that will show up on his phone and vice versa. This really came in handy when I went on a vacation to India. I would just put it online and he would get it on his phone. A really great app.

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