Mailing Lists

A couple of days back I finished setting up a mailing list database for two of my clients. I searched a lot on Google for one that is free and easy to use. Not many free ones out there. There are many mailing list providers which are free if you are sending out few emails […]

CSS Tips and Tricks

When I am coding the web pages, I frequently run into problems with CSS rendering properly on Internet Explorer. So, the first place I go to for a solution is my best friend Google. Over the time, I have collected some CSS tips from the many forums and other websites and I save them for […]


Whether you are a novice in the field of web designing or an expert, we are always looking for ways to improve search engine optimization. As we get further advanced into this topic, we might overlook the most basic but very important SEO techniques. This article here gives us a really simple understanding of SEO. […]

35 Best Icon Sets for Web Designing

Here is a link to some really cool, free icon sets that every web designer needs. 35 Best Icon Sets