Adding rollover images to WordPress menu

WordPress menus make it very easy to add navigation to your WordPress pages. You can have multiple menus on the same page. Although images for WordPress menus are not very SEO friendly and make it difficult to edit menu items, there are times when you would like to add background images to the menu. If you wish to use a specific font which is not rendered by the web, images are the best option.

To create a menu in wordpress, use <!--?php  wp_nav_menu( $args ); ?-->. For more information, see the WordPress codex on menus

Once you register the menus, you can see them on the wp-admin panel under Appearance->menus. Then add the pages you want on your navigation. Continue reading

Displaying a static front page for your wordpress blog

Word press is one of the most popular content management systems out there. It is not only great for blogging, but also works really well for your portfolio. It can be easily tweaked and customized. There are a lot of free word press themes available for portfolio sites. If you are a web designer, you would definitely want to design one for yourself. Designing a word press theme and coding it up is very easy. (Check back for a tutorial on this).

Word press makes it very easy to maintain your site. Displaying your portfolio is a breeze with its many plugins.

Once you install word press and upload your theme, you need to change your settings to convert your site into a portfolio site. You can also have a blog as a part of your portfolio.

The first step would be to create all your pages by going to ‘Pages > Add New’.

If you wish to have your blogs displayed on the front page, Continue reading

How to add transliteration plugin to word press

There are many plugins that offer transliteration support to your word press blogs. I maintain another blog and wanted to blog in Telugu. So, I searched for those plugin’s and here are the two plugins that I really like. It feels good to be able to blog in your language.

Google transliteration: This allows visitors to your blog to comment in any of the supported languages. It supports many Indian languages too.

WPGoogleLangTransliteration: This allows you to blog in any of the supported languages. There are many Indian languages supported by this plugin.

You can install these plugins from your word press blog. Click on plugins-> add new and search for transliteration. Click install and you are ready to blog in any of the supported languages.