One of the cool features of Gutenberg is reusable blocks. These are custom blocks that can be created while you are writing your post. You can save them and can re-use them later in another blog post or a page. It is very simple to create a reusable block.

Where can I use reusable blocks?

Reusable blocks can be used to create call to action buttons, add images that can be reused, add related posts section on your blog posts/pages etc.

Reusable Call to Action Buttons

One of the best use cases for reusable blocks are call to action buttons. You can create multiple call to action buttons and inserting them in your posts or pages will be a breeze. The best part is that if you want to change the button text or color, you only need to change it in one place. Everywhere else gets updated automatically. 

On my Gutenberg testing site, I created a demo landing page to offer a discount on WordPress themes. If I want to create a blog post about it to drive traffic to the page, I can create a call to action button that is linked to that page. 

Now, converting that to a reusable block makes it easy for me to access that block elsewhere if I want to. If I have a big site with lots of pages, I would naturally want to place this call to action button in multiple pages to drive traffic to the landing page. I can now insert the same call to action button on another page or post with a simple click. 

Inserting a reusable block

Some interesting ways we can use the reusable blocks

Newsletter signup forms or email signup form – Newsletter sign up forms can be displayed anywhere in your post usually with a shortcode. Gutenberg has a shortcode block which can be saved as a reusable block and used on multiple posts or pages.  If you need to change the form shortcode, you just need to change it once and re-save the block. The code gets updated everywhere.  

You can create pricing tables or column layouts (which is still in beta) that can be reused easily elsewhere on your site.

Recently I found a neat little plugin that let’s you display your reusable blocks on your widget –  Reusable Gutenberg Blocks Widget. This lets you select your reusable block from a drop down and add it to your sidebar or footer.  

Have you tried reusable blocks yet? 

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